Gregory J. Orman

Greg Orman is currently a private investor in both businesses and real estate. Mr. Orman is the past CEO and President of KLT Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Great Plains Energy, Inc., an energy holding company headquartered in Kansas City.  During his three-year tenure at KLT from January of 2000 to December of 2002, Mr. Orman increased after-tax return on equity from (1.3%) to 24%.  Prior to assuming the role at KLT, Mr. Orman was President of KLT Energy Services, Inc., a subsidiary of KLT. While running KLT Energy Services, Mr. Orman increased after-tax return on equity from 8.6% in 1996 to 33.8% in 1999. During 2003 both KLT and KLT Energy Services had record years in terms of return on equity, revenues, and net income.

In 1997, Mr. Orman founded Nationwide Electric, Inc., a highly successful consolidator of electrical contractors.  From 1992 until its sale in 1997, Mr. Orman was Chairman and CEO of Environmental Lighting Concepts, Inc. ("ELC"), a specialty electrical contractor which he co-founded.  During Mr. Ormanís tenure, ELC achieved operating margins that were more than twice industry averages, had compound earnings growth in excess of 200%, and achieved profitability within three quarters.

Mr. Orman has also been the founder and managing partner numerous real estate partnerships all of which have had positive returns to their investors, with an average return on equity in excess of 45%

Mr. Orman was an associate at McKinsey & Company and graduated with high honors from Princeton University.


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